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Fake OOM: Tea time!

Leo is sitting at the corner of the bar, looking thoughtfully into tea (hoij cha, his favorite), and entirely ignoring his newspaper.

Help a Turtle Out


Leo is having a staring contest with the Front Door.

"Look, I need to get my brother Raph, in Tortall. So he can watch our other brother, Mikey, your Barman, give birth. ...I never said it made any sense."

Bowing at the waist, he asks, "Can you please help me?"

The door swings open...

Outside - Pirate vs Ninja

Leo breaks the surface of the lake with a great heave of water. He lets out a bit of a laugh to himself and pushes his hair out of his eyes.

New York is New York. Unless he wants to mutant himself even more by taking a dip in the Hudson, Milliways it is if he wants a dip in fresh water outside of heading back out to Yonkers. Really, he shouldn't go out for evening dives in the lake. Somehow, he always meets the oddest people.

But, it is such a lovely night!

He wades back to shore toward his shirt and carefully wrapped swords, shaking out his hair as he goes.

Inside Mike and Indy's suite

Leo is sitting indian style on the floor reading a Cosmo. (He found it! Under the couch!)

Well, to be honest, he isn't reading the magazine so much as squinting at it in a confused manner and then turning it to see if from different angles, it makes any more sense. May be it's a logic puzzle! He's almost at the point of crossing his eyes and pulling the articles far away from his face like Mikey always does with those blurry funny pages.
Leo is in Milliways and up on the roof before he can collect his thoughts. And with his super secret ninja senses tingling (really, his older brother radar and Raph's inability to hide traps well), he makes his way along the edge of the roof and to the tent. He is polite. He knocks before he opens the door and comes right in.
Leo slips into the apartment through the balcony window. Between Don's "experiments" on the mechanics of turtle-to-human transformation and the Foot's constant hounding and...

He shook his head. Excuses. Nothing but excuses. He should have done better.

"Hey Apr--"

Her place has been trashed. The mattress and box spring thrown across the room. Dresser drawers pulled out and emptied. All her cabinets hanging open, cans popped open and the smell of over ripe peaches is just hanging in the air.

No one there. Just a letter left on righted table. And a snapshot of April getting on a plane.

"Well, shit."
Leo is awake.

Leo is not pleased.

Leo might just start referring to himself in the third person.

Mike is a good brother that brings food. He will not Die. Raph is a bad brother that locks older brothers in cells for worrying about his safety. He will Die.

Leo decides now is a good time to get out that candle Mike slipped him. Lilac always did strive his urge to kill.

Nov. 9th, 2004

Leo sits on the floor staring into the flame of his favorite lavender candle. His meditation is not working, Raph has apparently moved into a bar at the end of the universe (My Brother is on drugs, my brother is on drugs, hey hey hey, my brother is on drugs, sings the little turtle chorus in his head), Mike has disappeared, and Don has locked himself in his room with his new invention/toy/something that blinks a lot and makes whirly noises.


"That's it!"

And Leo grabs up his swords and storms out of the super secret headquarters. It is time for answers!

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